SEAS: Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis 

and Scoliosis Manager for physios

Second step toward SEAS Certification

SEAS Accreditation: Second level course.

Milan (Italy), May 13-14, 2012

The Course will take place in the NH Milanofiori Hotel, from Sunday 13th to Monday 14th.

The program main points will be:

  • Active Self-correction : your experiences during this year and which had been the difficulties you had to face
  • Presentation of clinical cases worked out by the participants ( a short form will be prepared where we indicate the kind of material we expect to receive, e.g. the presentation of the cases, the assessment and the exercises proposed, the x-rays)
  • The choice of the exercises
  • Exercises “in brace”
  • Clinical cases: practical processing of the treatment programs with in the presence of patients
  • Sagittal posture dysfunctionsAims and modalities of treatment of adult deformities: scoliosis and hyperkyphosis
  • Active SEAS self-correction in adult scoliosis
  • Specific exercices for backpain in adult scoliosis and hyperkyphosis
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