SOSORT has a long tradition of providing Educational Courses organized jointly with the annual Meeting. The first one-day Course,  which was provided as a stand-alone event attached to the Meeting, was organized in Poznan 2006, with simultaneous translation for the local participants. In all subsequent meetings a part of the Meeting has always been devoted to education (Boston 2007, Athens 2008, Lyon 2009, Montreal 2010). The SOSORT Educational Committee, previously chaired by Manuel Rigo, (who now serves as co-chair with Josette Bettany-Saltikov), has worked for many years to organize an official SOSORT Course, and for the first time this was realized at SOSORT Barcelona 2011. Consequently before the Milan Meeting, the 2nd Educational SOSORT Course will be held.

This year the Course will be also  be the 8th R&R ISICO Meeting. The “Rachide & Riabilitazione” (Spine & Rehabilitation) “Evidence-based” Meeting organized by ISICO together with the GSS (Gruppo di Studio della Scoliosis – Scoliosis Scientific Group)  is a tradition in Italy and commenced in 2005. Every year it collects 600 people who are interested in the latest research knowledge on spinal diseases rehabilitation.This year the 8th R&R will be the SOSORT Course, and we hope to have some hundreds of Italian participants, together with international ones. For this reason the Course will be totally translated in Italian.

The program will be finalized in the near future by the SOSORT Educational Committee (Chair: Josette Bettany-Saltikov; co-chair: Manuel Rigo), and will include:

  • the first day presentations will be provided on the SOSORT Guidelines which will be explained by leading SOSORT lecturers in a practical way. This will be combined with a short presentation on evidence-based bracing and physiotherapic specific exercises schools;
  • The second day will be devoted  to two concurrent practical whole-day workshops (one on bracing, the other on physiotherapic specific exercises) which will delve deeper into the techniques presented briefly the day before.

The course will be open to the complete team of health care professionals involved in the conservative managment of scoliosis patients: physicians, orthotists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other professionals.

Here is the program

SOSORT 2012 General Secretariat: