What is the Controversial Issues Session

To further develop the knowledge on specific topics where uncertainities prevail, in Barcelona 2011 it has been started the “Controversial Issues Session” tradition, where two prominent speakers have been invited to give their idea, knowledge and practical approach to specific controversial topics, with the presentation of two different approaches. One moderator has the role to stimulate the subsequent discussion with the whole audience.

Previous Controversial Issues Session

Barcellona 2011

Brace treatment in Infantile Scoliosis

Moderator: Theodoros B Grivas

Lecturers: J. C. De Mauroy - F. Sánchez Pérez-Grueso


Milan 2012 Controversial Issues Session

When to fuse or not to fuse

Moderator:     Tomasz Kotwicki        SOSORT Founder and Past-President, Institute

Lecturers:       Stephens B Richards  SRS President

                     Stefano Negrini        SOSORT President

Exercises for idiopathic scoliosis: which evidence, which use ?

Moderator:     Theodoros B Grivas               SOSORT Board

Lecturers:       Nigel Price               SRS Non-operative Committee Chair

                     Manuel Rigo             SOSORT Founder and Past-President

SOSORT 2012 General Secretariat: info@sosort2012.org