9th International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities
7th SOSORT Meeting
Milan (Italy) 10-12 May 2012

Poster session

The influence of self-stretch based on post-isometric relaxation, static stretch combined with stabilisation exercises and stabilisation exercises only on hamstring, one-joint and two-joints hip flexors flexibility and finger-to-floor test results

Czaprowski D, Leszczewska J , Kolwicz A , Pawlowska P , Kotwicki T , Stolinski L , Kedra A

Adolescent scoliosis and kyphosis treated with tli (thoracolumbar lordotic intervention) technique in a brace. Mechanism and results.

Piet J.M. van Loon MD, Frederik B.Thunnissen, Monique Roukens MD,

Analysis of differences in trunk kinematics in people with adult scoliosis and non specific low back pain

Bissolotti L., Sani V., Gobbo M., Orizio C.

Biological background and biomechanical support explain similar effect in treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis with TLI bracing.

P.J.M. van Loon, M.D.

Changes in clinical and radiographic parameters after a regimen of chiropractic manipulation combined with soft tissue therapy and neuromuscular rehabilitation in 7 patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Woggon AJ , Martinez DA

Comparison of scoliosis research society-22 between thoracic curve and lumbar/thoraco-lumbar curve in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Iwakawa H , Takahashi J , Hirabayashi H , Ogihara N , Mukaiyama N , Kuraishi S , Shimizu M , Kato H

Depression status in patient with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A comparative study

Tugba Kuru, Hürriyet Yilmaz, Elçin Dereli, Firat Hozatlioglu, Berk Çelik, Ilker Çolak

Difference between spinecor brace and rigid brace during treatment

Ömer Ersen, Burak Bilekli, Serkan Bilgic, Erbil Oguz, Ali Sehirlioglu

Does rigid bracing provide the best outcome for children with neurological onset scoliosis?


Effectiveness of pressure biofeedback / pbu (pressure biofeedback unit) in the process of learning of self-correction in patients with scoliosis: a pilot study

Pennella D, Maselli F, Giovannico G, Cannone M, Rhainò A, Ciuro A.

First experiences in the treatment of juvenilis and idiopatic scoliosis with spinecor braces

Sarchioto A.

Geometric structure of spinal curves: application to adolescent idiopathic scoliosis


Latero-posterior directed migration of trunk to the concave side of the curve: biomechanical principle in treating three dimensional deformity of idiopathic scoliosis with a custom molded highprofile TLSO

Jang S.H., Hutson J.A.

Local internal lateral fixation (LILF) of a dura mater to the wall of the vertebral channel as the main reason of serious idiopathic scoliosis. How to see it with MRI test and how to forecast early the scoliosis worsening.

V.V. Drobyshevskij

Modified lyon brace


Radiation exposure to staff members during traction X-rays

Knott P , McGirk M , Markovic A

Radiological parameters of sagittal plane in children with cerebral palsy walking or wandering

Bernard JC , Deceuninck J. , Combey A. , Berthonnaud E.

Scoliosis from the perspective of a fifteen year old

Byskosh, N. C.

The development of a classification system for the use of the (modified) side-shift approach to conservative management of scoliosis

Tony Betts

The effect of eight-week core stability training program on the dynamic balance in young elite footballers

Jamal Abdi, Heydar Sadeghi,

The influence of lateral spinal curvature on range of motion

Nešic, N., Šeper, V., Davidovic-Cvetko, E.